Modern Technology for Drainage

Modern Technology for Drainage Septic Cleaning in Kathmandu Nepal

A healthy septic system, as well as the drainage system, is necessary to protect your family’s health and the environment with proper wastewater management. A septic system is out of sight, but it definitely should not be out of mind. General care will improve the life of your system and home investment. Septic Cleaning Nepal provides drainage septic cleaning in Kathmandu Nepal through modern technology. It protect your family’s health.

Septic systems and drainage are both technics of solving the problem of underground water structure, most of the cases these technics using by the rural areas swear system.  Professionals are used a combinational way of tank cleaning nature and modern technology to solving wastewater and sludge from houses, kitchen, hotels, and laundry too.  

A foul odor is not always the first sign of a malfunctioning septic and drainage system. Some of the causes are which Professionals only can solving it as:

•           Wastewater passing back in mail pipeline.

•           In summer season growing green grass around the drain area.

•           Grouping water or smell near around basement.

•           Wastewater overflowing

•           Bad smell

Until you see what type of technology has unwrapped in the latest septic tank and drainage tank systems. Of you want to know the basics things about this tank cleaning in Nepal and the process of it and of what a septic and drainage tank is, then read our previous blog on the blog section.

A wastewater decentralization is one of the best solutions for residential, commercial, schools, and different kinds of private and governmental offices. But decentralization is not a permanent solution of the septic tank and drainage tank cleaning. This page will highlight some of the important modern technology of septic tank and drainage tank cleaning in Nepal.

Drain Cleaning Solutions

Most home improvement stores have an aisle full of drain cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, the majority of those solutions contain harsh chemicals. Those chemicals are effective at removing clogs from your pipes, but their effectiveness comes at a cost. Often, the chemicals damage your pipes.

There are some microbial drain cleaners, and those are less harmful than cleaners that contain acid and other harsh chemicals. However, they aren’t effective on large clogs. You need to look for plumbing services near to get help with major blockages.

Preventative Pumping

Preventative pumping is a maintenance type of septic tank cleaning used to avoid clogs today. You should aim to schedule preventative pumping once every few years to keep the lines clear and functioning properly. Based on the size of your tank and the needs of your household, the frequency will vary.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a common method for modern septic tank cleaning. It is the more modern method for cleaning out drains. During the process, a technician uses a powerful hose to clear any debris and blockages from the clogged pipe. For most clogs and septic systems, hydro jetting is an effective and successful method of clearing out septic lines and removing stubborn sludge. Due to the use of a high-pressure water jet, hydro jetting is even effective against tree roots that have intruded into septic lines. However, the high-pressure of hydro jetting can damage some pipes, so it is not ideal for all situations.

Power Rodding

Prior to the use of hydro jetting, many septic tank cleaning methods relied on power rod techniques. Power rodding uses a device similar to a drain snake, but much bigger. During power rodding, a technician will place a large metal device into the clogged area. At the end of the device is a sharp, motorized component that spins rapidly. This breaks up anything in its path, including years of buildup and vegetation intrusions. After the material is removed, it is easily flushed away with water.

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